Wax Buffalo

FRESH : PALE [earthen joy pure essential oil collection]


We dreamed up a bit of magic for you over here, in Wax Buffalo land. Hand made in every element. The vessel is crafted locally by neighborhood darling, Earthen Joy. And each is filled with pure essential oils, midwest milled pure soy wax  to ensure a pure clean burn. When your beautiful product has lived it's best life, wipe the vessel clean and use it to enjoy a hot or cold beverage. We are proud share this new adventure with you and hope you find as much joy in burning them as we did in making them.




Fresh: it’s that feeling of purity when you emerge from the shower fresh and clean and glistening newness. That slickery feeling you get when you’re ready for bed with freshly brushed teeth, clean hands and a full heart ready for newness and slumber. We come into this world new and fresh and pure and it’s in those roots we can find our truest self. Filled with love and kindness and the basic sense of true purity.


+ hand crafted in studio with pure essential oils

+ beautifully imperfect hand crafted reusable vessels by EARTHEN JOY 

+ 11oz of pure soy goodness

+ limited edition. 

+ remember that essential oil's have a light scent throw. these are beautiful and pure and wonderful, but not as strong as our classic line. 

+ discount codes are unavailable for our earthen collection. thanks for understanding. 



They are live!